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3 Feb 2009

I am off to the Travel Channel Academy!

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I am off on another adventure tomorrow morning.  This time it is Washington DC.  Which by itself is a fun and exiting place to travel.  And best of all, almost all the tourist things to do there are FREE!  But this time it is for school & traning with my peers.  I am off to attend the Travel Channel Academy…

Travel Channel Academy

Travel Channel Academy

The Travel Channel Academy is a training program located at the Travel Channel national headquarters in Chevy Chase, MD. (just outside of DC).  The Academy is an intense training course for the filmmaking, editing, storytelling, and legal requirements needed to be a successful Travel journalist.  In essense – it is  a training course from the exact goup of people I want to meet for the exact studies I want to learn.  Yes, I know I am already an experienced filmmaker and media/web producer, but I am ready to learn more.  The best part of this academy is that I will be training at the Travel Channel Headquarters, networking with industry execs and experts.  Being a graduate of the Travel Channel Academy also grants me membership access to the Travel Channel, and it’s producers.  And Yes, I will learn something new about filmmaking I am sure 🙂  It not only teaches me the xact trade I want for my next chapter, but introduces me to the proper people to gain valuable insight on how to make my dreams come true.  Oh and it will look good on my resume for the next job I am applying for 😉

So I am off… I will be gone 10 days.  By myself in an exciting city – but nervous about the experience, and excited to be one step closer to glory.  While I am there I have to shoot (2) mini-features about something in the city for my class projects.  And without internet access, I am a little worried I will not be able to get a good idea.  But I am ready and willing to see where this path leads and anxious to share my experiences here with you.

I will be back soon!  Wish me luck!

Below is a map of the Travel Channel Headquarters 🙂

1 Feb 2009

Geo Tagging

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I have added a new feature.  The ability for me to geo-tag my blogs. 

Why am I doing all these customizations & additions before actually writing my blogs, and uploading my content?  I realize the site does not have the “travel” blogs and media content up yet.  It will be shortly.  For now, I want to get all the applications and assets installed and working properly before I start pushing out my babies! 

What is Geo-Tagging?  Basically it is a feature that will enable me to embed a location/coordinates into any new blog/page/post.  So whatever I am writing about, there will be an embedded map & satellite imagery available.  Lets take an opportunity to demonstrate.  Today I am preparing for tomorrow’s big game.  The Super Bowl – which is taking place in Tampa Bay Florida at the Buccaneers stadium.  Below is a map/satellite of this location:

31 Jan 2009

my new Business Cards

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I needed to get some new business cards…  I dont know why, but I love making them.  I love making cool cards that make other people’s cards look like amateur stuff.  It is a creative outlet for me – for sure…

So I started thinking.  what would be a great design for my new Travel / Adventure site?  had to be something that was immediately identifiable, and conjured thoughts of traveling, and in a non-exclusive / limiting type of way.  In other words I did not want any one landmark or location to be represented.  it had to be a universal image.  So I looked at the site for a few minutes, stared at my logo (which I love BTW) and it came to me like a shot out of a cannon.  What design would house my logo in a perfect and universal setting?  I know!  A mock passport!

Behold…  My new business cards :

 What do ya think?

26 Jan 2009

Welcome to!

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this site = chapter 34 of my life.  an evolution, yet also a new beginning…  This site represents the application of my dream… 

I was laid off from my 9-5 typical small american corporate service industry job.  Like millions of people all across the world, I was thrust into the depressed economy – jobless.  I come from a background of entertainment and media production and design.  However I have one enormous hobby that consumes my spirit…  Adventure.

I have decided to publish my world travels in a comprehensive blog featuring photos, videos, and written accounts of some of the amazing things I have accomplished – with only the best yet to come.

In the making of this website, first thing I had to do was find the name.  This is no easy task!  As a former “domainer” that once owned over 2000 domain names, I knew right away what I was in for.  Pretty much anything worth having in a “dotcom” was taken for a long time. top level, one-word, two-word and even three-word keyword combinations are strip mined by cyberquatters.  I spent many many hours organizing lists of keywords, prefixes, suffixes, etc to try 1000s of combinations – searching for a candidate.  You cannot truely build a long-lasting far reaching website without a dotcom.  After attempting 1000’s of combinations of the word “Adventure” (mandatory), I found nothing.  So then I tried another trick.  using a common saying.  a phrase.  first one I thought of was Thrill of Adventure.  1st one out of my mouth and guess what – it was available!  I couldnt believe it.  It’s mine now!  Off to a great start…

Next, I needed a look.  A logo.  For now I have opted to used a photo of me on my most recent trip to North Europe.  A photo of me outside Stonehendge in the early afternoon.  Then I needed a logo/watermark.  With almost no thinking about it at all, I quickly came to the thought of using a passport stamp.  why?  well because I collect them, and they have special meaning to me.  besides, they represent travel outside your comfort zone!  Adventure….

Today has been a busy day.  I have the content management system installed.  The Gallery system installed.  Slideshow funcionality installed.  All configured and working.  I have a name, a logo, and a backbone.  Mmmmmm  but I also have content!  Over the next couple months, I will be assembling and building the content I have captured and created into web friendly chunks of adventure.

If you are reading this, then you are one of the select few I have invited to witness the birth of my next chapter, and application and hopeful realization of my dream come true…

Wish me luck!


Below you will find an example of the gallery, slideshow, piclens functionality that will display my thoughts and photos:  each of these functions are powerful, dynamic, unique and exciting delivery tools – I hope you try them out!  I love playing with them!  These photos are fitting metaphors for this task.  They are from my very first flight to Europe.  In itself a realization of a life’s dream.