Posted by Chris Paniagua

About the Author

When you see me – you see the cover of a book… And when you get to know me – you find the streams… The calm ocean water and the rough sea that exists within me. It is my creative mind that makes me a strong person and a person with visions and goals for all the things that I want to do with my life. No one will truly know me unless you ask me the right questions and do the right things that allow you to have that key to the real me.

I used to tour the United States as a DJ/Emcee… You name a state/city in the US, and I have most likely worked it.  Twice.  Later, I was an independent film producer and entrepreneur, and corporate sellout.

I live to travel. Life is not about collecting useless items like good little consumers. For me it is about those profound life experiences you attain that allow you to look back at your life and think – “I did that”! By the time I die, I want to have been everywhere and seen everything. That is my life’s goal.  This blog is the beginning step of the realization of this goal.

I left my life as a corporate sellout to pursue my life’s dream of travel journalism – and I have not looked back. On my journeys, I have made 4 trips to Europe – backpacking across much of the continent, Sailed the Mediterranean, Explored almost all of the United States, and enjoyed some tropical destinations like the Bahamas, Abacos, and Puerto Rico.